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"To the times that De' Guelph and Ghibellines", how plays l' ancient song of the Siennese bruscello, a knight, injured in one of the much crashes between rival factions, left the battlefield and itself fece road in the forests that, then like today, surrounded Casole d' Elsa. 
Likely it was Pisan, because it is moved in direction of Volterra, for a road that already then it existed and that in effects it went back to the time of the Etruscans. 

Arrived in the locality of Acquaviva, was overwhelmed by fatigue and fell from his horse. He was tormented by a fierce thirst, but the area was poor in water and, being summer, dry and arid. Weaker, the rider fell to his knees and implored the help of Madonna. 
The Virgin appeared to him and he pointed with his hand out to the north. The knight, encouraged, and took the road, a few hundred meters, he met a source of abundant water and pure: Acquaviva. 

The source is still alive and gave its name to our hotel. In place of the apparition was built, probably in the seventeenth century, an estate, a reminder of the fact, was called "Apparita". The building still exists and retains the image of the Virgin in an ancient shrine."


Strada Barco n.1 - 42027 Montecchio Emilia ( RE )


Sede Legale : Via Leopoldo Cicognara,2 - 20129- MILANO

Sede Operativa : Via   Traversa Fiorentina , 6 - 59100 - PRATO


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